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Why Invest in a Backup Generator?

Backup generators are most important for properties located in areas that experience extreme weather, such as hurricanes or blizzards, but any home can experience a power outage at any time. It’s important to be prepared.

There are so many benefits to having a standby generator at your home. Not only will you love having peace of mind that your family will be comfortable if power is lost at your property, but there are more serious benefits as well.

Small children and elderly family members are especially susceptible to illness due to extreme temperatures. So, if your home does not have a backup power plan in the event of a power outage, you could be putting them at risk for serious health complications.

In extreme cases, power outages can sometimes last for days or even weeks. Without any electricity powering your refrigerator or freezer, all of your food will spoil. Or, even worse, your sump pump won’t function, which can lead to serious and costly flood damage. Considering that many power outages are caused by hurricanes or severe thunderstorms, the probability for basement flooding during a power outage is high. Worse yet, most home owner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage. So, the only way to avoid expensive restoration and repair work from flooding is to prevent it in the first place. Having a standby power generator will ensure that your sump pump continues to function through even the heaviest rainfall.

Even though having a backup generator may not seem like a necessary addition to your home’s collection of electrical appliances, it’s a good idea. Severe weather emergencies cannot be predicted and, therefore, should be prepared for at all times. Installing a standby generator at your property is a great way to ensure comfort and safety in the event of power loss.

Contact Mister Sparky to implement a backup power plan and protect your family and your home during a power outage.

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Why Invest in a Backup Generator?

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