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Electric Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring Checklist

Warmer weather is on the way. But before you celebrate the first day of spring, there are a few steps to take to prep your home electric for significant temperature changes. Follow these four suggestions to ensure that your power operates safely and efficiently all season — and year — long!

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1. Do An Energy Audit

Now that winter has passed, it’s a good time to sit down and total your electric costs.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has created a database of purchase and installation costs for electric equipment and energy-efficiency upgrades. Take the guesswork out of energy costs with this helpful guide: NREL Efficiency Database.

If your appliances are broken, over 15 years old, or repairs will cost more than half of replacement, it’s a good time to consider some lighting and HVAC system upgrades to lower overall energy costs. Talk to a Mister Sparky technician to determine if a repair or replacement is best. Sometimes, home improvements such LED fixtures or adjustments to your water heater settings can make a big difference in power use and cost savings.

2. Inspect Outlets, Cords, and Smoke Detectors

When’s the last time you looked at all the outlets in your home? Chances are, you haven’t. But looking for frayed wires and loose-fitting plugs can make all the difference when it comes to safety. Make a note to check all outlets and cords – both indoor and outdoor — at the start of each season.

Another critical inspection is smoke detectors. Inspect each smoke detector to make sure batteries haven’t died. It is advised you test them monthly. Ideally, there should be at least one smoke detector on each floor of your home, including the hallway or area outside of each set of bedrooms, and one within each bedroom itself.

Mister Sparky electricians are happy to inspect your smoke alarms even if they didn’t install them. We can also install additional smoke detectors as needed.

3. Schedule an Electric System Check-Up

Some of your electric equipment – such as your AC unit or fans – have been sitting dormant for months. Before you put all your home appliances into overdrive, schedule a professional electric system check-up with Mister Sparky. An electric system check-up can prevent costly repairs, detect potential hazards, and address inefficient equipment. The last thing you need is a broken AC system or appliance when warmer temperatures hit!

While your Mister Sparky electrician is on site, feel free discuss discuss concerns such as installing surge protectors to avoid storm damage, LED lighting upgrades, upcoming renovations, and other home improvements that could impact your home’s electric.

4. Consider an Electric Protection Plan

How many housecalls did you have to make to your electric technician last year? If you find yourself saddled with emergency repairs, DIY projects, broken appliances, power outages, and costly utility bills, it might be time to consider an electric protection plan. Mister Sparky Electric offers several tiers of protection that include 24/7 emergency service, annual system check-ups, free service calls, credit toward repairs, and more!

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