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Electrical Innovations: Simple yet Great

The first wave of electrical innovations brought light to homes and cities across the world. That innovation meant people could work and play long into the night. That meant for the first time in human history cities gleamed 24/7 with activity, shining brightly enough to be visible from space.

How far we’ve come, and, how glorious it is.

This next wave of electrical innovations doesn’t light the world, but instead brings us unparalleled convenience. Now, we’ll never need to search for a phone charger, stub our toes going to the bathroom in the dark, or remember to change the batteries in our life saving devices.

Here are four electrical innovations that define elegant simplicity. You’re going to see these and think, “why didn’t I invent that?!”

USB Enabled Outlets

The Innovation:

Introducing the USB enabled outlet. This installation features multiple USB slots alongside normal outlet jacks.


The benefit:

The convenience of charging your phone — or any other phone — at any outlet in your house. No hunting for a charger, no charger compatibility issues.

Why it’s cool:

What’s your smartphone’s battery life like right now? If your battery life is dipping into the red, you probably feel the slightest twinge of anxiety.

Silly feeling, isn’t it? Yet it’s true that every day we depend on our phones, for social contact, for information, for navigation…etc.

Psychologists have identified an anxiety disorder, centered on losing signal and running out of battery life, called nomophobia.

Even if you aren’t severely afflicted with Nomophobia, you’ll appreciate the convenience of charging your phone at any outlet.

Outlets with Built in LED Night Lights

The Innovation:

These otherwise standard outlets come with LED night lights that activate automatically in low-light conditions.

The Benefit:                                                                              

These lights ensure that your path always stays lit by unobtrusive LED light. Since these easy to install LEDs are long lasting and energy efficient, you’ll get more than 20 years out of them for very little electricity.

Why it’s Cool:

Like death and taxes, stubbing your toe on your way to the bathroom in the dark is a guarantee. Either on a door or a piece of furniture—ouch.

Outlets with built in USB nightlights keep the night light with a pleasant white glow. Lighting your hallway may not be as massive of an innovation as lighting Time’s Square, but you’ll appreciate it every night.

Versatile LED Lighting

The Innovation:

You can get long-lasting, energy-efficient LED power in more than just lightbulbs. From Christmas lights to outdoor security lighting.

From the practical...
From the practical…
To the Beautiful!
To the Beautiful!

Read more about outdoor security lighting.

The Benefit:

You can now use the green-friendly, long lasting LED light you love for almost anything you need. That means great energy savings and almost never replacing burnt out bulbs.

Read more about LED lightbulbs.

Why it’s cool:

Because you get all the benefits of LEDs in almost any form you need.

Just take a look at some of the LED innovations you can find on Amazon.

10 Year Sealed Battery Smoke Detectors

The Innovation:

A 10-year guaranteed battery (typically lithium ion) ensures that your smoke detector will work without you ever having to test or swap batteries.                                                                                                                                                                

The Benefit:

Never having to swap or test batteries is a step towards convenience — and safety.

For a typical smoke detector, you need to check the batteries every a month and replace them every six months, according to the United States Fire Administration.

This innovation guarantees you all of the safety and none of the work.

Never do this again.
Never do this again.

Why it’s Cool:

The smoke detector is one of the most important life saving devices in your home. You can have 100% certainty that it will work if the need ever arises, even though you’ll always hope it’s never needed.

Upgrade to Electrical Safety

So which of these innovative extras most strikes your fancy?

The LED nightlight or the secure 10 year smoke detector?

You’re thinking about bringing your house into the 21st century with innovative extras. Make sure you remember your main electrical panel.

That important circuit brings all electricity into your house, yet if it’s outdated it may be a fire hazard.

Read more about a main electrical panel fire hazard.

Contact us to have one our expert electricians inspect your main electrical panel. If necessary we can replace it with an ultra-safe 21st century panel to match the rest of your innovative home.

Wrap Up: 4 Convenient Electrical Innovations

Do you feel a twinge of envy that you didn’t invent the USB outlet? At least you can still buy one.

We know that innovation for the sake of convenience isn’t necessary. It is awesome though. The world would have kept spinning even if it stayed dark—but honestly who’d want to live there.

Just like homes could have kept burning candles at the turn of the century, and just like you could have kept your brick cell phone, you never need to be an early adopter of new technology. But you should.

Besides if history is any indication, soon these innovations are going to be everywhere. Get ahead of the curve.

Contact us to discuss innovation, electrical safety and all your needs.

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Electrical Innovations: Simple yet Great

Electrical Innovations: Simple yet Great

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