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Your main electrical panel is the hub through which electricity enters your home. When it fails or proves insufficient, you’ll be left in the dark. Schedule main electrical panel repair, replacement, or maintenance with our friendly electricians 24/7.

Main Electrical Panel Repair

If your main electrical panel fails, the experience will be akin to a power outage — isolated to just your home. You’ll lose your lights and your technology until the main electrical panel can be repaired or replaced. Due to the voltage connected to a main electrical panel, repair should only be attempted by an expert electrician.

Main Electrical Panel Upgrade

The average household uses far more electricity now compared to households from fifty years ago. If you live in an old house, your main electrical panel may struggle to keep up with the demand your modern lifestyle places on it. Partner with Mister Sparky Electric to discuss your electrical needs and to upgrade to a modern main electrical panel that can keep up with your modern life.

Main Electrical Panel Replacement

If your electrical panel fails more than once, can’t meet your demands, or proves to be a fire hazard, you need to replace it. An outdated main electrical panel is one of the most common starters of home electrical fires. When the time comes to upgrade the hub of your electrical system, trust the expert electricians of Mister Sparky.

Main Electrical Panel Inspection

Where the risk of electrical fire is concerned, you need to go above and beyond to guarantee peace-of-mind. An expert safety inspection is the best way to ensure your main electrical panel is safe and will remain safe for you and your family. Our electricians examine your electrical panel for warning signs – to ensure that your power stays on and you stay safe.

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